How to live a happier life

Happiness is something that we all want in life.  After all the true purpose of life is to find JOY and happiness.  The problem is that many of us find true happiness  difficult to obtain, let  alone, maintain in everyday life. We all want to feel good, but don’t always know how to achieve that state of mind. Living a happy life is all about living with intention and purpose. Making some positive changes is the best way to achieve  a more joyous  and wholesome life. Here are my key practices to a positive start.

  1. Sleep – seriously get some sleep!

We all know that sleep is important, but how many of us actually get a good night’s sleep? When we sleep our bodies repair and restore the energy we’ve lost throughout the day, allowing you to start your day with a  clear mind and spirit.

Achieving a solid night of restful recovery can be difficult for some. Having an evening routine can help you avoid activities that induce  a restless and light sleep. Instead of a caffeinated beverage at night, try Chamomile tea, avoid heavy meals at night (stop eating 3 hours before bed), and turn off all screens at least an hour before bed. All of these simple changes can lead to a night of deep slumber and rest.  A little dab of Lavender pure essential oil on your pillow slip is another little tip.

  1. Meditation – it’s not as strange as you think.

Taking just ten to fifteen minutes out of your day to sit or lay and completely shut off your brain can have some seriously beneficial effects on your energy levels and happiness. Recently I’ve discovered a great app for my phone, it guides and directs you through a relaxing and positively wonderful time where you can make clear your intentions and gain inner peace.

Headspace trains your brain to be more focused, reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality, enhance a couple’s level of satisfaction in their relationships, and improve working memory. Check out the app here>>

  1. Exercise – move your body!

A life in motion is a happy life; moving and staying active is a guaranteed way to improve mental clarity and reduce stress and anxiety. I go to the gym every day, and I love that,  but for some people working out at a gym is a challenge and for others its simply not an option. Either they cannot fit it into their schedule or it’s not motivating enough. That’s OK but we should all aim to exercise in some way, every single day. There are so many fun activities that we can do in our everyday life to improve our fitness and movement. Whatever you choose, it doesn’t matter. Just get moving!

Taking your dog for a walk, exploring a new hike, running or walking up and down stairs, pilates, yoga, fitness classes and much more. It’s important that you find something that you love doing and spend 20-30 minutes a day doing it! Movement releases happy hormones, these are endorphins and the more you get, the happier you feel 🙂

Now that you’ve read a few of my tips to becoming  happier in life you may be able to adjust your routine to embrace a degree of  change in your life.  One simple change at a time is the best way. One  positive change per week or even per month and then maintain that change.

There are many different new experiences  you can bring into your life to create more happiness,  you just need to find what works for you. Define and focus on bringing that change into your life. Write it down!  “Don’t just think it, ink it!”  Ultimately it’s important to take care of yourself – we just celebrated Valentine’s day, a day full of love and appreciation. Did you take the time to love on yourself?     We often deglect the most important person in our lives. Loving yourself is so important and being happy enough to be able to do that.  Try making a few adjustments  and see  the difference it makes in your life.

Good luck and be happy!

Nicole Stewart


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