Hair, Skin and Nails – What supplements you actually NEED!

You may catch yourself idolising over Instagram models with their luscious hair and great skin, wondering how they maintain such flawless features.  Well, they ARE Instagram models for a reason!   Their faces are their fortune, so they maintain an incredibly healthy diet and exercise regime to minimise any chance of a breakout or imperfection.

In an attempt to become as flawless and perfect as these on-screen figures, we find ourselves searching the isles at our favourite supermarket or Priceline to find the perfect vitamin or the latest fad that we believe will solve our beauty woes.

We are caught reading reviews about “GREAT” Hair, Skin and Nail supplements full of Vitamin B-12, Zinc, Vitamin D, Iodine and other isolated elements, that promise to give us great skin and health, just like the genetically blessed models!   All we have to do is fill our bodies with these costly synthetic minerals every day and voila… beautiful skin, hair and nails!  We wish!!


It’s common knowledge that nutrition is a crucial factor when it comes to skin and skin health.  Studies show that a lack of nutrition in your diet can lead to common skin disorders and irregularities. Micronutrients, such as vitamins, carotenoids and polyphenols are important active compounds affecting skin health.

Have you ever wondered how much (if any) of a synthetic vitamin /mineral supplement your body and skin actually absorb?  Fruits and Vegetables are recognised as the major source of micronutrients, and our bodies have evolved to absorb this form of nutrition the best.  It’s a well-publicised fact that our bodies need a variety of 5 cups of raw vegetables and 2 pieces of fruit per day to get all the nutrients we need to maintain health and prevent illness and disease.  It is essential that our bodies are healthy and clean to have glowing and blemish free skin… but how many of us really consume all the nutrients and antioxidants we need each day?  I know that it’s a real struggle for me, juggling school drop-offs, five children, running a business and trying to get in some time at the gym for me!


This is why I’m so glad to have found Juice Plus+.  All I need to do is take my capsules each day and I know I’m covered!   I’ve absorbed the goodness of 30 different fruits, vegetables and berries that my body needs to be healthy.  Juice Plus+  bridges the gap for me, between what I should be eating and what I actually eat every single day.  Some days that gap is small but other days that gap is quite big.  And 35 cups of Veggies for my whole family (remember I have 5 kids)…not likely!

I also founded JOI Pure Natural Skincare about 10 years ago and have spent many years studying and researching the power of aromatherapy on the skin. My products have been designed to promote clear, healthy skin, without harming your body or the earth. Great skin comes from having a healthy inside and good natural products on the outside; you can’t have one without the other.

You read earlier, that our bodies need micronutrients for optimum skin health.  There are literally tens of thousands of micronutrients in fruits and vegetables. These simply cannot be found in man-made synthetic supplements which at best might contain 10 or 12 isolated elements. Unfortunately, people taking these synthetic supplements (and we are all guilty of this at some time or another), blindly believe the marketing and the pretty girl or actress endorsing them. I would suggest that they look at the clinical research that proves the company’s claims.  Gold standard research that proves that when you take these actual supplements, they get into your blood, into your cells and are taken up by your body’s organs where they need to go …to give you the amazing skin, hair and nails they promise.  The fact is, you won’t find that research anywhere because that independent research just doesn’t exist.

Green And Red Healthy Food

The most important message that I want to get across is the NEED for a healthy body in order to get the best out of yourself and LIFE.  We may think we can absorb all the nutrients that we need from our regular diet but the  poor quality of fruits and veg available today, the lack of variety, poor food choices, lack of money and the pressure that we put ourselves under to fit everything into one day, simply  means that we cannot get enough of what we need for ideal health and wellness.

We often take our heath for granted and forget just how vital, looking after ourselves and our families are, for now and the future.  Life is too amazing to waste it with illness and ill health.

The earth has provided us with a great resource that our bodies need, next time you catch yourself searching online for the supplement that will solve all your beauty needs, just think fruits and vegetables = healthy, glowing, beautiful skin!

In health and happiness (and great skin, hair and nails!)

Nicole xx



Micronutrients; Naturally occuring chemical elements or substances required in trace amounts for the normal growth and development of living organisms. Antioxidants,  Polyphenols, Vitamins and Minerals are the main types of micronutrients. They play important roles in human development and well-being, including the regulation of metabolism, heartbeat, cellular pH and bone density.

Carotenoids; Plant pigments responsible for bright red, yellow and orange hues in many fruits and vegetables. These pigments are important to plant health and contain health benefits when consumed.

Polyphenols; An antioxidant phytochemical that tends to prevent or neutralise the damaging effects of Free Radicals. Free radicals being an atom or group that has an unpaired electron and is, therefore unstable and highly reactive.

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