Essential Skincare Tips for Travelling

Essential Skincare Tips for Travelling!

Hi there! One thing that I get asked regularly is how to maintain healthy and hydrated skin whilst travelling. This is a really important one for most women, the constant dry air on the plane makes our lips crack and our skin feel dry, tight and uncomfortable. Rest assured, there are a few simple things you can do to make you feel amazing as you step off that plane!

1. Drink plenty of water

I know this is an obvious one, but Kendall Jenner doesn’t recommend this as her number one skincare necessity for nothing!   Water is essential to maintain the optimum skin moisture and deliver essential nutrients to the skin cells (microcirculation). It replenishes the skin tissue and increases its elasticity.

It keeps the skin well hydrated and glowing, thereby, enhancing the softness and colour of our complexion. For soft and supple skin, drinking an adequate amount of pure water is more important than applying any topical cream filled with chemicals. 40ml per kg of body weight minimum per day and more when flying!

2. Apply JOI Pure Restorative Night Serum!!!

Not only will you love the smell and feel of our serum, it’s the perfect size to pack in your carry-on luggage… you can apply as much as you like during your flight.  Great for the lips as well. The main ingredient in this luxurious bottle is  Organic Jojoba Oil – this one ingredient will change your life. Over the years I have used this golden oil for baby change oil, bath oil, hair treatments and in all my skincare products. Jojoba is a versatile, purely natural liquid wax that penetrates the skin for deep hydration. and nourishment. As a wax it resembles skin sebum and has a great affinity with our skin.

Jojoba Oil contains many essential fatty acids, powerful antioxidants and vitamins. With additional phytonutrients and pure essential oils, this serum is naturally rich in Vitamins A, D and E, and works to regenerate skin cells in the dermal layer.  Jojoba Oil is naturally gentle and non-irritating, making it perfect for literally every skin type; it balances oily skin, soothes sensitive skin, hydrates dry skin and helps heal acne and breakouts. (Perfect choice for babies too!)

3.Floral Hydrosol Mist – guaranteed to keep you fresh mid flight

There is nothing better than a spritz mid flight – but when you google facial mist you’re often greeted with a bottle, less than 100ml, costing more than $70. Pure hydration doesn’t have to cost that much!  My personal favourite for hydration is the Rose Petal Toner Mist,  which we recently released with even more skin hydrating ingredients, aloe vera, napca and with a new mist format. Not only does it smell divine but it offers instant and lasting moisture and refreshment to the skin.

The great thing about this mist is that you can apply directly on your face even if you are wearing makeup. Another one of my all time favourites, perfect for the flight is my range of Aromatic Mists, take a look online for my entire range.  These aromatic mists can help to wake you up and get moving after a long flight. 3 seconds to change your mood state! My personal favourite is Meditation!

Hopefully, these tips will help you on our next flight – I know I’ve got my essentials packed and ready to go for my next trip 🙂

If you’d like to hear more, please email me at

Nicole xx

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