We’re making it easier than ever to live active and healthy lives – this means being healthy on the inside and out. With the power and convenience of Juice Plus+ your day can be full of nutrients and anti-oxidants, no matter how busy or hectic your day is.

Starting Monday, March 6th myself and a team of Juice Plus+ Champions will be taking part in a nationwide health and fitness challenge – SHRED 10. What exactly is this challenge?  A commitment for 10 days to shred bad habits in place of new healthy options. You will see real results over a short and disciplined time frame. You will be fueling your body with the essential nutrients it needs to work at 100% daily, getting a jumpstart on your health goals, and shedding unhealthy habits. It’s time to live clean, be happier and feel better than ever!



If you’re not already a Juice Plus+ client, now is the time to watch and learn as we head into  this new challenge. When you follow Active Beauty Life on Facebook, your feed will be full of inspiring and thought-leadership pieces that can guide you to understanding the benefits of Juice Plus+ and more.

Below are some key documents that are required in order for you to partcipate in the SHRED 10 Challenge – but remember, to get the full effect and to see real results you need to use Juice Plus+. Please feel free to contact me for more information about this challenge, and make sure you stay posted to learn more about this amazing life transforming program and Juice Plus+ 🙂

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Shred it. Live it. Share it.

Nicole Stewart